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  • Special Halloween theme

  • Custom made Wordpress theme.

  • Local company website powered by Wordpress

  • Personal blog - Wordpress theme made from scratch

What the hack is Krstathemes?

Krstathemes is place that I Vladan Krstic (krstatzar) made to host my Wordpress themes, write and share some thoughts and ideas on design and show my work and skills. As a freelance designer I offer many services regarding code and design in general. Here is what I can do for you:

  • Make site mockup (Photoshop PSD or Fireworks PNG)
  • Code my mockup or slice your design to HTML/CSS and Wordpress
  • Make custom Search Engine Optimized Wordpress theme
  • Customize existing Wordpress theme to fit your needs
  • Make cool graphics for general purpose
  • GUI design for desktop or mobile platforms and much more...
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