DJ Aston Desktop Theme

Eversince I have made Dj Hero theme I have wanted to make one totally generic DJ theme and here it is. Working on this theme was really fun but it was dificult to put all the pieces in place I admit that. I have worked on it for some 10 days straight and really satisfied how it turnend out.
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Darkwood Aston Desktop Theme

Crisp and trendy Aston Desktop theme that is ideal for everyday computing. Spent a lot of time on polishing widgets skins, especially the clock widget and the resource monitor CPU use skin.
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Great Beyond Desktop Theme

Now this is a treat for all of the space and sci-fi flavored themes lovers. This Aston destop theme is fully animated but also offers settings for less animated and static desktop. It took lot of working hours and coffee cups the get the perfection I aimed from the start. Vitaly Cachev from the Gladiators has helped me big time with animations and making it look just right and smooth. Thank you buddy!
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Ferrari Aston Desktop Theme

Ferrari is really great source of inspiration for any designer. It inspired me to create this really awesome Aston Desktop theme, it is a little “off the wall” theme but desktop skins and themes with similar concept have always been around. Anyway this is the theme’s official page so here you check screenshots, videos and additional goodies. And of course you can get theme itself here.
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Adobe Fireworks and SVG files

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is really gaining more and more attention and popularity and it is here to stay. Many say the web format of the future (many use it already). Few months ago I have worked on a project and the project included several several files in SVG format. I knew that Adobe Illustrator supported the format but since the client was interested in me delivering Adobe Fireworks source file so I decide to try my luck and do some Fireworks extension look up. What a joy! It did not took me long, I found two great extension that do the trick.
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Fresh Desktop Themes

In the past month or so I have been busy creating some really cool themes for Aston Desktop. Here you can check some screenshots and  a couple of YouTube videos that I made. You can also download the themes and try them for yourself. It has really been fun creating these themes.
If someone is interested I can also provide graphics source files (most of them are Adobe Fireworks PNGs) all you need to do is drop me a line and just ask for it :).
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Create Basketball Icon in Adobe Fireworks

This is another Adobe Fireworks tutorial in which I will show you how easy can be to create a nice looking objects in few simple steps. By using the basic tools and techniques you can achieve stunning results. Just to emphasize at the very start that the end result is vector graphic which means it can be easy resized or scaled when and if needed with out any quality loss. To make this tutorial easier to follow I have included the source file and video tutorial at the end.
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Grainyflex WordPress Theme

Grainyflex is WordPress theme that is packed with many great features. Such as custom header, custom background, configurable social links at the bottom and best of all it is completely free. Below you can check some screenshots and additional stuff such as theme headers in PSD format including Photoshop styles which you can use to make your own header.

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BlueBuzz WordPress Theme

BlueBuzz is WordPress theme  that comes with  great features. Such as changeable  headers, configurable social links at the bottom and best of all it is completely free. It is very easy to use and maintain and maybe a good starting point for additional theme customizing. This website is using BlueBuzz theme as a base (now would you believe that!). Below you can check some screenshots and additional stuff such as theme header in PSD format which you can use to make your own header.

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Using Vector Resources in Adobe Fireworks

One of the less known features of Adobe Fireworks is how easy it handles pure vector resources such as EPS or AI  files that are normally associated with Adobe Illustrator. It is really nice when you don’t have to jump from one application to another in order to get  job done. In this tutorial I will show you how to create grunge text in Adobe Fireworks using Adobe Illustrator AI texture.

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