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BlueBuzz WordPress Theme

BlueBuzz is WordPress theme  that comes with  great features. Such as changeable  headers, configurable social links at the bottom and best of all it is completely free. It is very easy to use and maintain and maybe a good starting point for additional theme customizing. This website is using BlueBuzz theme as a base (now would you believe that!). Below you can check some screenshots and additional stuff such as theme header in PSD format which you can use to make your own header.

Theme is very well composed in a blue tone and like stated above it allows changing of background color as well as header graphics. Below you can check a full screenshot.


Like I have said header graphic file is available . Download this Adobe Photoshop layered PSD and feel free to change it according to your needs.

Note that this theme is available under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. All the graphics are created by me except the social media icons, that are included in the theme, and they are created by Benjamin Reid and are free for commercial use. For more info about icons used check this page.

And of course you can download the theme here.


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