Create Basketball Icon in Adobe Fireworks

This is another Adobe Fireworks tutorial in which I will show you how easy can be to create a nice looking objects in few simple steps. By using the basic tools and techniques you can achieve stunning results. Just to emphasize at the very start that the end result is vector graphic which means it can be easy resized or scaled when and if needed with out any quality loss. To make this tutorial easier to follow I have included the source file and video tutorial at the end.

basketball icon
Above you can see the end result.


Start by launching Adobe Fireworks and create new document with the size of 512x512px. Draw an ellipse by using the Ellipse tool, place it somewhere in the middle of the canvas. Now fill the ellipse with radial gradient by using the colors as shown above. Also it is important to position the gradient like on the image above. Lighter color in the inside should give a sort of 3d illusion.


Now to create grooves use the Pen tool. Set the line to Soft Rounded size 12px and set the color to #1F1F1F. Just draw all the lines for the grooves. You will need 4 lines in total.


To create symmetrical lines on the side, once you have created the first one copy it and paste it and go to Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Then position the line to right spot.


Now you can see that all the lines are at the correct position. Select all the 4 lines by click + Shift and group them together by pressing the CTRL + G. Now they will be easier to handle.


Once the lines are grouped copy and paste the group, now select the group that is below at the layers palette change the size of the line from 12px to 16px and set the opacity to 35%. Now the groves look more realistic and sort of inset in to the ball.


Now select the both groups and group them together, once again for easier handling. Now mask the lines so they don’t go over the ball. To do that select the ball shape and copy it by pressing CTRL + C and then select all grouped lines and go Edit > Paste as Mask.


To add a ball texture copy and paste the ball base shape, place it above the ball shape but below the lines and set its blending mode to Multiply and add texture named Plaid Tight but make sure that the transparent checkbox is checked under the texture. Use the image above as a guide.


Now the following steps are optional but do affect the realistic feel. Select all the objects (CTRL +A) and go Modify > Transform > Numeric Transform and rotate the whole image. I rotated it by 22 degrees. Also you can add shadows and a bit of gloss but that is up to you.

I hope you enjoyed this one, below is the link to the Adobe Fireworks source file so you can check it out and also it might help you if you bump on some problem.


Also I made a quick video covering tutorial steps so it can be useful as well.


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