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Ferrari Aston Desktop Theme

Ferrari is really great source of inspiration for any designer. It inspired me to create this really awesome Aston Desktop theme, it is a little “off the wall” theme but desktop skins and themes with similar concept have always been around. Anyway this is the theme’s official page so here you check screenshots, videos and additional goodies. And of course you can get theme itself here.


Check some of the screenshots. Below is the first one made on my laptop with 1280×800 screen resolution. This is the bare minimum if you want to load all the widgets that are fitted really nicely in to the theme concept.

Ferrari desktop theme

Ferrari desktop theme 1280×800

Check out how theme looks on 1920×1080 px screen resolution, greater joy comes with greater resolution :)

Ferrari desktop theme  1920x1080

Ferrari desktop theme 1920×1080

Also the theme is avaliable in yellow and black flavour.


Also made a small YouTube video of the theme in action.

Custom icons

On screenshots and video you can see special category icons (for toolbars and launchbar).
Those icons are not included in to the theme. You can get them by following the link below. Just use the one for your theme. Red, yellow or gray for the black theme version.

To apply the icons follow this steps:

  1. – Go to your Aston Instal folder, usually it is
    “c:Program FilesAston2IconsFolders”
  2. Backup (copy to safe location) following files: tools.ico,office.ico,internet.ico,games.ico,design.ico,addfolder.anic
  3. Extract the downloaded icons to same location and overwrite the existing icons
  4. You will see the results next time you start your system, or just restart for faster results. It may take several tries.

To restore original icons copy backed up files again to “c:Program FilesAston2IconsFolders”

Enjoy the theme


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