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Fresh Desktop Themes

In the past month or so I have been busy creating some really cool themes for Aston Desktop. Here you can check some screenshots and  a couple of YouTube videos that I made. You can also download the themes and try them for yourself. It has really been fun creating these themes.
If someone is interested I can also provide graphics source files (most of them are Adobe Fireworks PNGs) all you need to do is drop me a line and just ask for it :).

In order to save some time and speed up the process of theme making I have used few free vectors, icons and resources that I have stumble upon and incorporate them in the final theme design.


Hacker’s Lair 2 Theme

Hacker's Lair  Desktop Theme

Hacker’s Lair Theme

Also you can check theme demo video

Aston Wintera Theme


Aston Halloween Theme


If you have some special theme request or have some questions regarding themes or whatever do not hesitate to ask.


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