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Grainyflex is WordPress theme that is packed with many great features. Such as custom header, custom background, configurable social links at the bottom and best of all it is completely free. Below you can check some screenshots and additional stuff such as theme headers in PSD format including Photoshop styles which you can use to make your own header.

Theme is based on _s theme as a starting point but I have built huge amount of stuff on top of it. So besides all of the features that it includes theme is fully responsive and behave very good on all types of devices

Below you can check 2 full screenshots.



Customizing the header

Header graphics source files are available. Download this Adobe Photoshop layered PSDs and feel free to change it according to your needs. Files include layer styles so even if you are not experienced Photoshop user you can do some basic adjustments. Check the instructions below.

Step 1

Fire up Photoshop and open any of the PSDs that you like. You will notice layers on the right.


Step 2

Select the layer with text and use the Text tool and just click over header text. Now delete the old and type what ever you like. You can also place your own logo and remove the dummy one that I have used in this theme.


Step 3

Hide the background layer by clicking the eye icon and save it as transparent png file. And that is it you are done.


Additional notes

Note that this theme is available under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. All the graphics are created by me including the social media icons that come along.

Social media icons

You can replace the social media icons by overwriting the png files with the icons that you like more. Icons are placed in the theme images folder and are 32px by 32px

I provide you here source file of Vimeo icon in Adobe Fireworks png and Adobe Photoshop psd format. Both files include all the styles used and all the layers. Icons use very simple but yet effective and now days modern style. Use this source files as a guide for some of your icons or as you wish.

Download Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop source files.

If you want some additional customization feel free to contact me.

And of course you can download the theme here.


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