More about me and how to hire me

I am Vladan Krstic (krstatzar) freelance designer. I do both, write code and make cool graphics. I can do only one of those or both depending on your project needs. Here is what I can do for you:

  • Make site mockup (Photoshop PSD or Fireworks PNG)
  • Code my mockup or slice your design to HTML/CSS and Wordpress
  • Make custom Wordpress theme
  • Customize existing Wordpress theme to fit your needs
  • Make cool graphics for general purpose
  • GUI design for desktop or mobile platforms and much more...

There is no such thing as too small work for me ($50 minumum), if I am availiable I accept all kinds of tasks, from fixing a header image to making complete wordpress theme or an application GUI. I am a freelance but really prefere long term cooperation. Currently I am more interested in finding one or two serious work providers but like I said I am very open to all kinds of deals.

About the price

I prefere per project payment over charging by the hour. I work really fast and in general I am an "easy going person" wich means that everything can be negotiated. For $50 I can do some minor work like fixing header image, put your logo in a Wordpress theme and change some other graphics, but starting from $200 you can get the real deal. Of course prce is not carved in stone and sure it is the matter that can be discused.

About how I work

After you contact me (via mail, Skype...) and we discus your needs. I start to work almost instantly. First I show you low-res rendering, free of charge, make adjustment according to your suggestions and once you are satisfied we discus the price. Once we agreed on price I continue to work and you pay 30% of the project price. I deliver final work, you check it out (test it), if all is good you pay the rest and we "shake" hands. Initial sketches and renderings are totally free.

During the project I am available via Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ or mail so you can track the progress and influence on final look and design.

About Payment

I accept bank transfers, PayPal and Epay service.

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