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Create Basketball Icon in Adobe Fireworks

This is another Adobe Fireworks tutorial in which I will show you how easy can be to create a nice looking objects in few simple steps. By using the basic tools and techniques you can achieve stunning results. Just to emphasize at the very start that the end result is vector graphic which means it can be easy resized or scaled when and if needed with out any quality loss. To make this tutorial easier to follow I have included the source file and video tutorial at the end.
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Using Pen Tool in Adobe Fireworks

Pen tool in Adobe Fireworks is really cool and the behavior of the tool is pretty much similar in other Adobe editors (Illustrator and Photoshop). Once you master the tool the sky is the limit, but really. Pen tool can be used for creating complex curves and shapes, masks and lines but one situation where it is most useful in my opinion is in making complex selections and extracting specific parts of the image.

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Design Cute Cat Character With Fireworks

Power of Adobe Fireworks is not only in fast web and app prototyping but also in mighty vector handling. This tutorial is going to show you how you can create cute character using some of the basic tools and techniques. Fist of all characters are not my thing but I was inspired by this cute creatures made by great designers from Turbomilk. I have tried to recreate at least something similar. I will explain how i made this cute cat you can see below.

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Create Twitter Balloon Using Fireworks

Here is a nice and simple tutorial covering a very basic yet very powerful technique. I will show how to make twitter balloon (like the one you can see on this website) using Adobe Fireworks. It should be easy to follow even if you are a total beginner in using Adobe Fireworks.

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