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Photoshop Curves – Improve Your Photos

When it comes to tweaking and improving photos Photoshop is second to none. I am far from being a serious photographer. In fact I really rarely use the camera but one thing I know for sure, that is that by using curves in Photoshop you can improve the photos’ color and general look significantly. I will show you how to use curves on one real example. Few years ago a friend of mine visited Andes mountains and took many snapshots, I will use one of his photos to show you what you can achieve by using curves in Photoshop.

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Got Photoshop, Then Use It

As a web or a graphic designer you don’t need to use Photoshop, there are many other cool editors which can be your weapon of choice. I write often about Adobe Fireworks and Illustrator but I use Photoshop just as well. I use Photoshop for what it is the best and that is photo editing and manipulation. For prototyping and making mockups in my opinion Fireworks rules but some things are missing and than Photoshop comes to rescue.

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