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Using Vector Resources in Adobe Fireworks

One of the less known features of Adobe Fireworks is how easy it handles pure vector resources such as EPS or AI  files that are normally associated with Adobe Illustrator. It is really nice when you don’t have to jump from one application to another in order to get  job done. In this tutorial I will show you how to create grunge text in Adobe Fireworks using Adobe Illustrator AI texture.

Below you can see  end result and as usual resource file is available at the bottom of this page.

You can find a lot of totally free vector resources around but for this tutorial grab this great vector texture pack from spoongraphics.co.uk, download it and unpack it. Now launch Fireworks and open Vector Textures.ai file that you unpacked (File > Open). It will take a while for Fireworks to open it but be patient . You will see something like shown at the image below.

Now create a new canvas, 600x400px will do just fine. I have used some green background but feel free to use whatever color you like. Use Text tool and type some text, I used Copper Black font with size of 62. Color of the text is pure black but any darker color will do.

Now we have 2 document tabs opened. One with vector texture and other containing the text. Go to textures document and select the texture that you like. I used the first one. Select it with Pointer tool and copy it (CTRL+C).

Now go to our text tab and paste the texture (CTRL+P) and position it at the left side of text. Now working with vectors  that have a lot of shapes and layers combined can really slow down Fireworks (Illustrator too) so we can now flatten the texture (rasterize it). Don’t worry it will still do our job pretty well. Select the texture and go to Modify > Flatten Selection and Fireworks will work much faster now. You can also close the vector texture tab since it has done its purpose.

After flattening it, copy and paste texture 2 more times, and position all 3 texture copies one to another and group (CTRL+G) them.

Now click on the text and copy it (CTRL+C), and now click on grouped textures (which are now one) and go to Edit > Paste as Mask and you should get grunged text.

Nice way to finish it would be to reduce the opacity of the layer with mask to about 40%-50% or try some other blending modes, but that is up to you.

For the final image I have added some grunge background and it is included in the resource file below. Resource file is Adobe Fireworks PNG file and you will need at least CS3 version in order to use it properly.

Download Source File

Feel free to use this resource file as you wish. I hope you will find this useful.


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